The first step in our workflow is to conduct a thorough “chain of custody” inspection of media shipments from our clients. We verify contents against the shipping records, verify the safe arrival of all the contents, and then store shipping containers (for return shipment). Only then, do we begin our process for Video Digitization …

The migration step begins with a thorough physical inspection of all media. We scan for physical damage, the presence of mold (in which case media is quarantined and remediated), chemical breakdown residue, or other issues resulting from age and storage. As well, we locate damage or wear to casings, such as cassette-based media and provide repair options, as needed. We track all assets to the letter of client-supplied spreadsheets throughout our workflow.

Cleaning is applied as needed and in accordance with the findings of our migration inspection. Occasionally, tapes will fail the cleaning process, in which case they are set aside for further evaluation (and again, additional options, as needed). We bake tapes for those affected by Sticky Shed Syndrome. All of our assets are kept in a secure, temperature and humidity-controlled room prior to, during, and after digitization.

Video ingestion is powered by Preserve South’s comprehensive collection of playback decks for nearly all SD and HD formats. We juggle multiple transcoding solutions to serve the widest array of client workflows. Our project managers focus on the efficiency of the digitization process (such as encoding multiple streams at once) and the handling of client media. Our operators carefully calibrate, check/correct levels as needed, monitor to avoid hits or drop-outs—all in order to capture the best representation of source material. Timecode is always captured when possible. Our goal is to process each tape in a single pass and know that our client is completely satisfied with the end result.

Throughout the entire workflow, Preserve South adheres to rigid quality control standards. All operations are conducted in dust-free environments. Playback machines are cleaned daily, heads inspected regularly. “Mark out” points ensure that all program content is digitized, while wave form and vector-scope monitors ensure correct levels. Each and every file is spot-checked throughout the process, while checksums are generated to ensure data integrity. The Preserve South process is lock-tight, guaranteeing the highest quality results for all of our clients.




  • 2” Quad
  • 1/2″ Open Reel
  • U-Matic and U-Matic SP
  • One-Inch Type C
  • Beta formats: Betacam, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, Sony IMX, Betamax and Super Betamax
  • D1, D2, D3 and D9
  • M2
  • Hi8, 8mm/Video 8 and Digital 8
  • DVCAM, DVCPro 25 or 50
  • MiniDV and MiniDV Long Play
  • VHS, S-VHS and D-VHS
  • DVD
  • Laserdisc



  • D5
  • Bluray



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