The first step in the Preserve South workflow is to conduct a thorough “chain of custody” inspection of a client’s media shipment. We verify all contents against shipping records and the safe arrival of the contents, then safely store shipping containers for the media’s return. We are then ready to step through the process of Audio Digitization …

At Preserve South our main goal is to ensure the highest quality possible in digital output. This all begins with our initial inspection. Audio assets are inspected for physical damage, poor tape-wind, mold, dust, dirt, or chemical breakdown. We repair media when necessary, remediate any mold issues, and make sure any asset debris or other contaminants that might interfere with the highest quality transfer are removed. With our wall of professional-grade food dehydrators, we can bake any tapes exhibiting binder hydrolysis or “Sticky Shed Syndrome.”

Following inspection and cleaning, we begin the audio digitization process. We only use professional playback equipment, top-of-the-line analog to digital converters and Pro Tools systems to achieve optimal signal capture. All audiotapes are set up to tone (if it exists) and program levels checked. Multiple tapes are ingested simultaneously to create the “Audio Preservation Master” files and help make the process as efficient as possible. Our operators identify signal problems and any additional problematic playback issues (such as stiction/binder hydrolysis and tape damage). They track and inspect regularly throughout the ingestion process, and apply finishing edits to each file, as needed. The aim is to deliver the highest quality and most useful file every time.

Preserve South adheres to rigid quality control standards. All of our operations are conducted in clean, dust-free environments, all of our playback machines are inspected and cleaned regularly. And each and every file is spot checked for completeness and quality prior to delivery. We pride ourselves on a lock-tight process from end-to-end, a blend of speed and efficiency that ensures a quality result for each and every client.




  • Analog ¼” reel-to-reel (full track, half track, two track, quarter track)
  • Audiocassette, Minicassette, Microcassette
  • NAGRA sync sound reels
  • 35mm and 16mm full-coat mag reels and 16mm optical sound reels
  • Vinyl Records (78s, LPs, 45s)
  • Transcription Discs,
  • Wire Recordings
  • Betamax, U-Matic and VHS PCM
  • Audio DAT
  • DA-88
  • CD and MiniDisc
  • DVDAudio



  • Analog 2” 24 track
  • Digital 1” 32 track PD
  • Digital ½” 24 track DASH



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