When it comes to digitizing media collections, there is much to consider. From staff and resource supervision to budget controls and client communication, the varied but connected layers call for a capable, well-organized project manager.

Although practiced all too often, project management by committee is quite common. There are a number of deficiencies to operating in this fashion. Because responsibilities are shared, there is typically not clarity when it comes to accountability. This can lead to poor planning, underutilized resources, budget shortfalls, reactive communication, and breakdowns in the project timeline.

Experienced project managers alleviate all of these pain points. No matter the task at hand, a good project manager will focus on the needs of the client first. The project manager helps direct the client towards of best practice with ultimate success being determined by the collaborative communication between the two parties.

Upon understanding the client goals and budget, the project manager can establish a strategy for completing the assignment in an efficient, quality, and affordable manner. Two key aspects of this process are staff coordination and resource allocation. Appropriating suitable staffing levels and scheduling to maximize the abilities of team members helps to keep the project timeline on track. The distribution of physical resources – like playback decks – is also essential to increase output. In certain cases, the project manager may determine that additional equipment is necessary to accomplish the job.

Planning proactively to resolve gaps in processes before problems occur, the project manager is constantly keeping tabs on the job’s progress. This effort also leads to quicker resolutions to any issues that arise. Utilizing fact-based decision making to manage expectations on all fronts – from clients to team members to stakeholders, the project manager works to make things “more predictable” for the span of the project.

At Preserve South, our team has developed a reputation for being able to consistently manage projects efficiently. That reputation, in large part, has been the result of detailed and experienced project managers.

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Emily Halevy