Preserve South is excited to announce that they have acquired a new Lasergraphics 5K ScanStation. The ScanStation is specially designed for archival scanning. It offers full 5K resolution, scanning speeds of up to 60 fps, and handles multiple film gauges including 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8mm. It is the fastest way to make film available in digital form.

Burt Jones, Chief Operating Officer, says, “We chose the Lasergraphics ScanStation because it provides full 5K film scanning at lower costs for our clients. The optical timing and registration technology provides a rock solid image, even with shrunken film or torn sprocket holes and it’s gentle on film because the film path has no sprockets. Plus, the ScanStation reads optical soundtracks at any frame rate and outputs the sound with correct pitch and in sync with the picture. For all these reasons and more, the ScanStation was a perfect acquisition to begin expanding our film services division.”

“We are delighted to welcome Preserve South into our worldwide client family,” says Steve Klenk, the President of Galileo Digital, the exclusive global distributor for Lasergraphics film scanners. “The ScanStation’s leading edge digital processing and film handling technologies are optimized for highest resolution and the industry’s fastest film scanning capability. The ScanStation uniquely combines all the features required by today’s media migration and film scanning houses, including multiple concurrent file outputs, HDR for color and B&W film, severely warped film handling, Automatic Failed Splice Recovery, and best in class image stabilization. It’s the perfect workhorse to meet the workflow and quality demands of Preserve South’s clientele.”

Preserve South expects to see continued growth in the media migration market, and this technology will support their business.

Paul Getchel from Lasergraphics/Galileo is here this week assisting with install and training of our new 5K scanner. 

The scanner arrived this morning.

We’re like kids on Christmas! Piece by piece, it’s coming together!




Emily Halevy